Need An Estate Agent In Bellingham?

Bellingham in South East London is located in Zone 3 in the borough of Lewisham. It was first established in the 10th century Anglo Saxon charters as ‘Beringaham’- a name which probably meant ‘water meadows of Bera’s people’.

However, it wasn’t a particularly lively place until the 20th century, when the Forster estate first appeared. Before that, it was mostly farmland which included Bellingham farm. Like many parts of South London, it was in the county of Kent until the London County Council was formed. The Bellingham estate was built between 1920 and 1936.

Are you looking to find an estate agent which covers Bellingham?

Daniels Property Services covers South East London, including Bellingham, Eltham, Downham, Catford and the surrounding areas.

Our current properties in Bellingham include three bedroom houses which are perfect for families. We also offer a high quality lettings management service. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord or buyer in this area, we’re keen to help you.

Daniels Property Services is based in Bromley, which we also cover.

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