Why Rent In Lee In South East London?

Are you looking to become a tenant or landlord in Lee?

This small part of South East London isn’t one of the most well-known; but it is a great place for those working in East or central London. It’s also likely to become increasingly popular in the years ahead.

Located near Lewisham shopping centre, the Royal Blackheath golf club and the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Lee has enjoyed a number of famous inhabitants over the years, including Sir Francis Baring, Jude Law, Sir Gregory Page, Max Wall and even Karl Marx for a brief time.

Now is a brilliant time to buy in Lee, whether you’re a landlord or first time buyer. Why? Because there are plans for a £80 million regeneration, with the Leegate shopping centre reportedly being replaced with exciting new developments. The South End of Lee has already enjoyed new cafes, boutiques and art galleries and the improvements are only going to keep coming. You can also enjoy classic sites like Manor House Gardens, with its beautiful ornamental pond and flower garden.

If you’re considering renting or buying in Lee, the team at Daniels Property Services can help. Based in Bromley, they have properties to rent throughout South East London, including Lee, Eltham, Catford, Bellingham and Downham.

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